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Paterson Golf


We were asked by Paterson Golf, a personalised golf supplier, to come up with a campaign that would make them stand out at trade exhibitions.

We ran a mini workshop to weedle out the core product message and came up with our “Make an Impression” headline which we quite liked. After all, that seems to be at the heart of any gift or personalised item alongside being of a certain quality.

We also set ourselves the objective of “Making an Impression” with our campaign visual and came up with the idea of presenting some of the elements completely out of context to attract interest. We did this by creating a central image of an attractive young lady in fashionable clothes about to tee off – a million miles away from the traditional product-led campaigns all the other exhibitors had put together.

On a practical level the blonde model in a pale dress provided a stark contrast with the darker earthy tones of the background, giving the perfect depth of dimension for large format exhibition display.

The end result was an eye-catching solution that really stood out from the crowd and conveyed well conceived core messages.


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