Dundee Rep 


As part of our work with the Dundee Rep we were asked to create a campaign visual for use for a print-led marketing campaign for Kora.

Set in the 1980s, Kora is a moving and often hilarious comedy about one woman, a community – and a lot of babies. Sounds good doesn’t it? Our challenge with this project was there was no cast to provide us with a photographic solution and the stock imagery of housing estates, road signs and the like just looked depressing and lifeless. So we had to think creatively and took a much more abstract approach to represent Kora’s numerous children and constant pregnancy.

We wanted to create something high impact and intriguing that felt like it had an element of fun. Bright colours and a wallpaper of symbols helped us do this. It looked even better on the large format outdoor banners!


A5 flyer

A3 poster

Large format banner  

Outdoor banner